Friday, August 26, 2011

Quake, Volcano, and Storm Alert - Sept 2011 (video)

Analysis of human perception of nature projected for September 2011

As the U.S. Withers, and the Dollar Dies - September 2011

It may be because this is the ten year anniversary of the September 11 attacks, and the media is reinforcing a societal remembrance of a very traumatic moment in U.S. history.  It could be due to recent events or because of some new tragedy right around the corner.  For whatever reasons, the social mood surrounding the 9/11 anniversary is depressing, the perception of the U.S. government is of an entity that is in serious trouble, and projections for the U.S. Dollar show that it could be in freefall.  Often such depressing moods on a societal level find temporary relief in expressions of violence or warfare.  With such a mood reflecting a global sentiment, will a token global “bad child” act out to divert our attention in the near future?

Highlights: Societal anger turns to gloom and despair∙ U.S. Dollar in freefall ∙ Global leaders in damage control mode ∙ In Nature: Storms, volcanoes, and earthquakes.

Socioeconomic and Geopolitical events:
There are three major periods indicated for September--
(for more details, see the full version of MoodCompass)

September 1-6  Angry and Divided
September 7-22  [Tales of] the Demise of the U.S. (or U.S. Dollar)
September 23-30  Turning the Page

Global natural events:
September 1 - 14  Sunny, Stormy, and Active. Elevated risk of storms, floods, and volcanic eruptions mixed with what may be relatively benign weather.

September 15 - 26  Nature vs. Civilization. Watch for some disruptions to travel, communications, food production or food distribution. Elevated earthquake risk.

September 27 - 30  Hot and Active. Look for occasional storms and continued heat.

The above is an excerpt from the September 2011 issue of MoodCompass, a publication of A New Story Foundation. To view the latest projections related to human perception of the natural world, see Earth Cycles.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

E. Asia War Risk - Sept - Oct 2011 (video)

Analysis of changes in collective mood and perception indicate an increased risk of military escalation in Asia.