Sunday, April 27, 2008

Change is in the Air – and the Tone is Quite Somber

One of the topics in the news lately is concern over food shortages. While there is no real shortage, a public panic with hoarding behavior and outbreaks of violence can become serious. For more information on public panic and how to prepare for the possibility of this type of event, please see

The following excerpt is from the May issue of A New Story's MoodCompass:

Change is in the Air – and the Tone is Quite Somber

As there has been much talk by various analysts in the media about the worst of the credit crisis being over, one might hope that this indicates a transition to a more upbeat mood. Our analysis of the social mood factors for the coming month, however, shows the global sentiment to have an extremely serious tone. Whether the fears that drive the global situation are based on real or imaginary concerns, by the end of the month there is a likely shared conclusion—that something is going seriously wrong.

For the lastest updates on social mood see

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  1. The affluent nations have
    become self-indulgent,
    taking essentials for
    granted after having been
    lulled into a false
    sense of an inexhaustible
    supply of energy and food.

    Instead of the Third
    World shrinking
    owing to progress,
    it will expand
    into the part of society
    which has taken much for
    granted, thanks to
    the arrogance of neo-
    conservative thinkers.

    They mock those who have
    tried to convince us that
    conservation is crucial,
    not an option.