Saturday, October 22, 2011

1, 2, 3 Go! -- The Trigger Point

Whatever global leaders achieve this weekend in their strategic talks, it is unlikely to be global stability, at least in the near term.  The October issue of MoodCompass shows a shift in the perception of global leaders, from "into action" to "delusional" or "in denial" early next week.  This indicates that whatever they come up with, whatever actions they might take, are likely to be seen as insufficient or ineffective.  

On a societal level, the collective mood is emotional and irrational.  People may tend to display irrational or panic behavior, ignoring facts in their decision-making process.  This configuration, in the short term, is often destabilizing to markets, and frequently accompanies increasing volatility.

Excerpt from the October MoodCompass:
October 19 - 31.   Trigger Point.  Increasing instability. People may be displaying irrational or panic behavior.  Global leaders are putting high level plans into action.

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