Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Volatility, Escalation and Volcanoes: Global Mood thru June 10

The social mood through June 10 shows a push for action in a definite direction, for better or for worse.  There is a need for release of the tension that has been building up over the past few weeks.  People have chosen sides and are looking for outlets of expression. It is time to charge ahead!

Incidents of unrest, protests, and workplace violence, as well as other mass violence events should be on the increase during this period.  Risk of terrorist activity is elevated.  Any significant event is more likely to be organized by a group or government than a "lone wolf" individual.  The risk of geopolitical escalation (i.e. war risk), is higher than usual.

World markets may display increased instability and volatility.

Epidemic factors are elevated.  There may be concerns with disease, health, or mortality.  The China bird flu or some other issue may come back into the forefront.

Globally, the likelihood for crises, upheaval, and disasters is elevated; natural disaster risk is on the rise from low levels.

Significant Natural Events:  The types of natural events most associated with the current pattern would reflect the theme of "energy release" and secondarily "liquid."   Events associated with this pattern are volcanoes, floods, violent storms, fires, and earthquakes.

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Examples of this fiery mood type in the news:
5/31/13: Brawl erupts at Ohio kindergarten
5/31/13: Angeles National Forest Fire grows to 1400 acres
5/31/13: More deadly Oklahoma tornadoes
5/31/13: Four Houston firefighters killed in massive hotel fire

Volatile World Markets:
5/30/13: Rising volatility fuels push to lower risk

New Disease Concerns:
6/1/13: Frozen berry mix sparks hepatitis A outbreak
6/1/13: Why new MERS virus is scary

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